Within the last couple of weeks another reviewer in the board gaming hobby decided to address the idea of supporting the Friendly Local Game Store or FLGS.  Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower is a popular reviewer and has built himself a loyal following within the hobby.  Many people love his work.  However, over the last few weeks he opted to voice his opinion about supporting the FLGS that unfortunately came across as rather negative and self-serving due to his very publicized connection to Cool Stuff Inc, an online board game provider.  To say there was blow back from the community is simply an understatement.  In fact the blow back eventually prompted him to record a 15 minute retraction that saw him actually tearing up on camera.


In this show we decide to discuss the original video, the retraction video, and our take on supporting the FLGS.  We wanted to come at this from a more intellectual and therefore data driven approach than Vasel’s off the cuff remarks in the first video.  Therefore we looked at the cost differences in the FLGS versus online stores.  There is a disparity in prices but how much are we talking about and is that disparity counterproductive to you actually supporting the FLGS?


Following our break down of Tom’s rant, his retraction, and our take on supporting the FLGS, we get into the expansions being released at Essen Spiel in a couple of weeks.  We outline 13 different expansions that you may want to keep an eye out for.  We break down what each one does for its base counterpart and of course give our stilted opinion on whether or not we plan on picking it up.

In the final portion of the show we discuss our recent plays of the newest game from La Mame Games and Rikki Tahta, Senators.  This game is a collaboration between Rikki and his father Haig Tahta.  Rikki sent us a copy to review and it didn’t disappoint.  La Mame has done it again with their short, super interactive game of pressing your luck within the theme of the Roman Senate.  Rikki and his family will have a booth at Essen Spiel so seek them out if you want an original La Mame Games copy of Senators.  As of the recording of this podcast there’s not much up on BGG about the game aside from a short video by Rikki and Haig, however we will be doing a write up with some gallery images soon so keep an eye out for that.


We’ll return next month with a BGG.Con preview update.  Until then…


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Ep 060 – Supporting your FLGS, Essen Expansions, & Senators!

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