The Last Jedi

Perhaps once in a generation a movie or franchise comes along that defines a generation.  Sadly, The Last Jedi is not amongst this vaulted echelon of films.  While its certainly not a bad film by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly nowhere near the worst Star Wars film (that hallowed place is reserved for another), it just didn’t hit the same buttons the other successes have.  While The Force Awakens wasn’t perfect it certainly ignited a new and wondrous fascination with Star Wars in a younger generation.  My 7 year old loves the movies and that’s all thanks to Finn, Poe, Rey, and Kylo Ren.   The Last Jedi left something just out of reach.

The Last Jedi isn’t the seminal event some have claimed it to be.  It’s certainly not going to age as well as its middle child counterpart The Empire Strikes Back.  I read an article arguing that Empire was met with similar disdain upon its release.  A silly statement to be sure.

There were a lot of really fun and interesting nuggets within this movie, but the more we let it sit in the backs of our collective minds the less merit we saw.  In the end, we at I, Geek have come to feel that while the movie isn’t bad, it certainly wasn’t good and probably falls near the bottom of the list.  Again, its not at the bottom, a place reserved for only one film in this franchise.  But it hovers somewhere amongst the prequels and there it shall stay.

We hope you enjoy our take on The Last Jedi.  We’ll be delving into the prequels shortly.

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Ep 062 – The Last Jedi, Top5/Bottom5

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