Spiel des Jahres

*Editing Note: For some reason there was a technical issue (bad connection) during the first few minutes of the show.  It goes away.  Sorry for the technical glitch.

This episode might seem a little bit more cynical and negative than you might be used to with I, Geek’s lighter fare.  This is due to the topics we discuss.  First thing we delve into is the possibility of a mass board game burn out, especially by the older generation of gamers.  Whether this is entirely true or not remains to be seen, though there’s seems to be some concerning evidence floating around in the ether.  Causation is hard to nail down in something so nebulous as the board gaming industry.  All the same we discuss our opinions on the matter.

Next we discuss those games that hit the ground running but have since petered out for whatever reason.  We focus mostly on the relatively newer games that the “Cult of the New” have gone bananas for and see where they currently reside in the mythos of board gaming.

Finally we discuss our uneducated predictions for the upcoming Spiel des Jahres nominees.  The nominees will be announced tomorrow and we always love playing the game of “what if.”

We hope you enjoy the show.  Up next we have an exclusive interview with one of our favorite BoardGameGeek staffers, Mr. Jeff Anderson.


Happy Gaming!  And see you at BGG.Con Spring!

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Ep 065 – Board Game Burn Out? & Spiel des Jahres Predictions

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