Lee and Sten sit down with the head of BoardGameGeek’s conventions, Mr. Jeff Anderson.  A friend of the podcast, we love the conversations we’ve had both recorded and during some late-night gaming sessions.  This one follows suit as Lee and Sten delve into the latest news by the Con-Man himself.

They first jump into Spiel des Jahres, though Jeff stays uncharacteristically quiet as he has a little insider info and didn’t want to spill the beans.  After that they get into the hottest topic of this time of year, the upcoming Spring Convention.  Jeff shares some thoughts on the convention before sharing some of his thoughts on the upcoming Storage Fundraiser.  Most of what he discusses has been talked about at length on the Geek, though he does voice a few new details about how the event will be run.

For those of you attending BGG.Spring and plan on throwing some money at the fundraiser, be aware that the whole idea is that while gamers might get a good deal, its more important to remember this is all for a good cause and the expectations for behavior and lack of chaos are high.  In other words be on your best behavior.

Finally the guys discuss BGG@Sea and the upcoming move of the Fall Con.  Some interesting insight into Jeff’s thoughts on the move for sure.

A special thanks to Jeff for once again sitting with our little hobby within the hobby.  For those of you who haven’t met Jeff and plan on attending one of the upcoming conventions, do yourself a favor and seek him out to say hello.  And let him know you listened to the podcast.  Maybe we can talk him into joining us again in the future.


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Ep 066 – Catching up with Jeff Anderson

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