Space Quest IV

Space Quest is awesome and you know it.  If you grew up gaming on the PC in the 80’s & 90’s, chances are you played one of the multitude of Sierra Online games and in particular the Space Quest series.  Taking control of the hapless Space Janitor Roger Wilco and getting him murdered every five minutes simply defined my early teen years.

SGDQ 2018

In this episode, Mark discusses the upcoming events of Summer Games Done Quick and E3, both happening at roughly the same time at the end of June.  Mark walks you through some of the scheduled games being speedrun at SGDQ, focusing mainly on retro games as opposed to the multitude of other offerings during the gaming event.  After that Mark gets into some of the predictions and leaks coming out about E3.

E3 2018

Finally, he finishes off his solo show by discussing the Space Quest series, in particular Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers!  He briefly discusses Sierra Online and how they innovated computer gaming in the mid 80’s.  He finishes all of this off by discussing his experiences playing Space Quest IV.

Enjoy the show and as always:


Roger Wilco

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Ep 067 – Space Quest IV

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