Revenge of the Sith

As we delve into the prequel Star Wars films I’m reminded of the decades long speculation of just how Vader became Vader.  Here we were gifted that story and it happened, more or less, how many of us expected.  Long had the stories been spun of a fight in a volcano with Anakin taking a plunge into the lava.  Here we find it, more or less, exactly how we figured it was.  We’re told that Luke and Leia were to be born and that there mother would die.  Here we’re shown how that happens.

Regardless of the opinions floating around the internet ether regarding the prequel movies, its hard to deny that Revenge of the Sith isn’t a fantastic movie.  It has its short comings, no doubt, but in the end we were given a story tying up loose ends that we already had the answers to.  The scene is set by the roll of the credits for A New Hope and that’s a wonderful thing.  George Lucas missed with Jar Jar Binks and pretty much all of Attack of the Clones, but in Revenge of the Sith we see Lucas pulling from that well of awesomeness that he used with Episode IV.

In this shorter than expected episode, Sten and I dive into those things we loved and hated about Episode III.  Lee stops by for a brief interrupt before we finish off our list.

Next Star Wars show we’ll be discussing my personal least favorite of the entire Star Wars offering in Attack of the Clones.  Before I close though, we promised a clip of the remastered and reshot Vader/Obi Wan Kenobi fight from Episode IV.  You’re welcome world.

Revenge of the Sith

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Ep 068 – Revenge of the Sith – Top5/Bottom5

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