70 Episodes in 3 years is something special.  After our fits and starts out of the gate, losing a host almost off the bat, not really sure what we wanted our channel to be, it seems we’ve fallen into a nice routine.  For those of you who’ve been here for the past 1,000 days or so, we thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts.  Those of you who’ve only recently discovered us, there’s plenty of catch up material out there.  Finally, for those looking to the future, we’ve made some pretty bold promises, delivering on fewer than we’d like, but still looking to the future holding out hope we get the time to get work done.  Sten, Lee, Brian, and I (Mark) all thank you and hope the next 1,000 days prove to be better than the last.  Enough of all that.  Let’s discuss the episode.

Our longest episode to date!  Well over 2 hours in length!  The first half we introduce a new News Intro as well as some interesting news.  The newest New Intro was created by a long time fan and friend of the show, Eric Craddock aka Illy Graham.  Sten put out the call and Illy Graham delivered in short order.  After the news section, we each take a short segment to discuss anything we each felt like discussing.  Sten comes in hard with a segment on cashing in onboard game popularity.  Brian follows this up with a discussion on modding board games and bits.  Lee, offered the option of obscure game talk, opted to discuss the different board game apps out there for logging games.  And I finished off with a discussion of the oldie but still a goodie, Crokinole!

Rounding out the second half of the anniversary episode we break down a new, massive tournament to the death by pitting Board Game designers against each other.  All criteria are listed in the show, and without getting into any details, we all agreed it was our favorite tournament thus far.

From all of us at I, Geek we wish you the very best in the upcoming year and look forward to filling your drives with lots of yucks and some seriously opinionated game talk.  Until next time…


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Ep 070 – 3rd Anniversary Special & Tournament to the Death!!!

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