Gateway Games

Gateway Games

So GenCon just happened and we discuss some of the hype coming out of that trade show.  A lot of great games were introduced at the show in Indianapolis, though to be fair, the show is more of a tabletop RPG gaming showcase.  In the last few years, with board games on the rise, it seems to have taken on a slightly different focus, though the roots of the show will always be tabletop RPG’s as the show itself was established in 1968 by Gary Gygax.


We then switch to the “all-to-soon” Essen Preview!  With GenCon a recent memory everyone in the hobby turns their attention to the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL, otherwise known as Essen Spiel and the upcoming massive show of board gaming happening in late October.  GenCon is a great pre-Essen Spiel preview, though the show in Germany is when EVERYTHING comes out.  We’ll be showcasing and discussing hyped games for the next couple of podcasts until we get a chance to play some of them at the upcoming Fall BGG.Con in late November.

The middle section of our show is another segment of History in Gaming.  In this episode, we cover the oft-overlooked Road to Canterbury.  The unique 3-player game of indulgences, sin, and temptation has some fun history when you pair it with the period just before the Protestant Reformation.  Mark, a particular fan of that portion of history, walks us through the interesting tie-ins with the board game.

Road to Canterbury

Finally, we finish with a discussion of Gateway Games.  These are those games that got us into the hobby, though for this discussion each of the guys picks that one game they use when introducing new players to the hobby.  As we’re gamers and we love talking games, we also chose a secondary “back-up” game, though I’m pretty sure Sten may have discussed roughly twelve different games he uses.

We hope you enjoy the show and we’ll see you next month as we creep closer and closer to Essen Spiel.


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Ep 071 – Gateway Games

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