se·ri·ous·ly – with earnest intent
snap·py – cleverly concise | ru·mi·na·tions – deep or considered thoughts

> A press your luck version of Coloretto with simpler scoring and added vulnerability of losing cards to occasional die rolls.
Casual, lively play bound by chance disruptions entertains for short stretches.

PUSH is a game mostly of cards valued 1 through 6 in five colors with which players create non-matching sets (neither color nor number matching) to collect as points for themselves and possibly others. Each turn one player pushes by drawing cards to add into three possible sets until either voluntarily stopping or pushing too far and drawing an unplayable card. Sets are then collected by players in clockwise or counterclockwise order as determined by drawn gray Switch cards and kept to score as individual points. A player who voluntarily stops is rewarded by choosing a set first. A player who pushes their luck too far suffers by not collecting a set but instead rolling a colored die and possibly discarding any previously collected cards matching the color rolled. This same jeopardy also affects players when black Roll cards are collected as part of a set.

After all cards are collected, each one worth points equal to the card’s value, the next player then takes their turn. Play continues in likewise fashion until the deck is exhausted. Players have the option on later turns to bank collected cards of a single color instead of pushing their luck. Banked cards are safe from being discarded by subsequent die rolls. At game end the player with the highest value of points in both collected and banked cards wins.

This game doubles down on its simple premise of pushing one’s luck: literally, by presenting the decision of when to stop drawing cards on a turn; and figuratively, by providing an option to bank cards for safekeeping to avoid the punitive threat of random die rolls. These elements of chance which permeate play may annoy some, especially those who suffer repeated misfortune or tire from random outputs; but opportunities for success abound dependent upon taking risks and making mitigating choices. PUSH epitomizes the essence of push your luck mechanics by offering thoughtful options rife with potential ramifications for risky play.

+ Clear rules and colorful cards make game accessible for all ages.
+ Large card deck fits in compact box for ease of storage and transport.
+ Short play time feels appropriate for this light weight game and encourages repeated play.
+/- The game’s main mechanics prominently feature luck or chance which players typically have an inherent bias for or against.
– Game play grows a bit repetitive after several plays despite random outcomes.
* Variant rule included to make for an even riskier game.

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Seriously Snappy Ruminations on PUSH

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