Another year in the books for Board Gaming and another year of fun trying out all of the new fare. We’ve had some ups and downs with playing new games but that’s to be expected in this saturated geek market.

In this episode we try to break down the fun we had at BGG.Con 2018 before discussing last year’s resolutions and how we held to those. We finish the show with a discussion of 2019’s resolutions and what we’re looking forward to in the year to come.

As mentioned before we’ve been a little delayed on our episodes lately, but we’re still 100% committed to our show and each other. Time gets away from us and we’re all family men with young children at home. Lives have to go on and of course they take precedents over this hobby we love so much.

We’re approaching our 4th anniversary as a show. We love that we have such devoted fans and we hope you continue to show your support by listening and telling your friends all about us. Here’s to an amazing 2019!!

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Ep 074 – 2018 Year in Review

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