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A note from I, Geek

As you can tell, we’ve been very lax over the last year in kicking out our podcasts as we have in years past. A lot of this is due to busier than normal schedules. For our fans, we’d like to give a special apology and promise that we are hard at work trying to get back on track. Thanks for sticking with us through the good and bad.

Onto the showRecorded August 2019

On this show, we spend some time discussing plagiarism in the hobby as a new influx of board game “influencers” trying to keep up with reviews and the demand they’ve placed on themselves.

We discuss the demise of Victory Point Games at the hands of the infamous Dan Yarrington. Everyone involved with VPG over the last few years is gone from the company as well as some of the bigger and better titles. Yarrington strikes again! When will people stop trusting that snake?

We spend some time discussing our time at the Spring BGG Convention and our hot takes on raffles and food. We loved our times but in true I, Geek fashion, we hammer the negatives. But fear not, we discuss our take on some of the Spiel des Jahres 2019 nominees. We also discuss those things we loved which far outweighs the negative.

We finish the show with a discussion of one of our favorite new games Obsession by Dan Hallagan. An absolutely amazing Victorian-era game that flew under most people’s radars. Listen to what we have to say and you too will feel as strongly as we do about this wonderful hidden gem.

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 076 – Obsession

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