In a stunning turn of events I, Geek manages to upload 2 new episodes in as many weeks. We’re back and we’re having some kind of fun!

On today’s show, we discuss the crazy news about JR Honeycutt and his toxic relationship with Victoria Mann that she outlined in a recent blog post. Abuse, sexual assault, and seriously predatory behavior by a long-time enemy of the podcast. We discuss our take but don’t want to dwell too much on the negative.

We get onto happier topics when we discuss the recent board game episode of South Park and the rise of Alexa as she teaches the world Ticket To Ride.

We finish with one of our patented Tournaments To The Death! We built two conferences of game selections. The Roll and Move and the Roll and Write. Each conference matched up against its own style of gaming until the final two met up in an epic final showdown. We had a blast with this tournament and we hope you enjoy it.

We will be at BGG Con 2019 starting this Wednesday, November 20th. If you’re attending, reach out on Twitter or Facebook and let us know. We’ll be happy to game with you.


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Ep 77 – Roll, Write, & Move

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