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Below you will discover a constantly updated list of NES titles as ranked via the I, Geek ranking system.  This list will start at #100 and work its way over the next year to the best NES game of all time.  Sit back and enjoy the ride as the team at I, Geek gives their spin on a topic we all care about but ultimately doesn’t really matter.

The list wasn’t simply put together by the people at I, Geek.  I mean, who do we think we are?  In actuality this list was created by putting together some many of the Top 100 lists that already exist on the internet.  For instance we included the heavy hitters like IGN’s top 100 and Nintendo Power’s Top 200 Nintendo titles of all time.  The latter list included games from every system ranging from the NES all the way to the Gamecube.  Culling the NES from that list gave us 41 titles.

After all was said and done we found 8 different Top 100 lists and Nintendo Power’s 41 titles.  Any game that appeared on one list but not another received a 101 ranking for the list it was absent from.  All told there were 200+ titles on the original collection of lists.  We then went through and threw out any game that only appeared on one list.  That dropped our numbers to right around 141 titles.  From there we did a little averaging out and determined that a perfect score would be a 1 with the worst possible score from our list being a 92.22.

All told it took way too many hours to put this together but it was insanely fun the entire time.  What we’re going to do on this site is Mark and Sten are going to post a blog post roughly once a week (sometimes more) counting up from 100.  Each blog post will be the next game on the list until we reach the #1 NES game of all time.  I can barely contain my excitement!

This particular page will be updated as those blog posts are written with the name of the game and a link to the post.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this as much as we did making it.

The List

#87 – Guerrilla War

#88 – TMNT III: The Manhattan Project

#89 – Solomon’s Key

#90 – Shatterhand

#91 – Balloon Fight

#92 – Archon

#93 – Dragon Warrior II

#94 – Double Dragon II: The Revenge

#95 – Fester’s Quest

#96 – Wizards and Warriors

#97 – Kickle Cubicle

#98 – Iron Sword: Wizards and Warriors 2

#99 – Power Blade

#100 – Double Dribble

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