Tasked with outlining, rather briefly, who I am is a far more difficult proposition than one might think.  This site is about “geek” hobbies so what do I write about and where do I focus my attention?  A tough proposition indeed.

Alas, my name is Mark and I love every aspect of gaming, whether it be with cardboard and dice or pixels and bits.  Given the tough choice between the two I’d probably lean toward a video gamer more than a board gamer, but I’m splitting hairs at this point.

I’ll define my “geek” thusly.  I own roughly 15+ consoles and hundreds of games spanning all of the systems.  I own well over 250 board games, though I’m currently culling that collection a bit due mainly to space and personal preference.  In the past year my resolution was to not only continue playing video games, but to beat as many as I could.  I fell into a nasty habit over the last few decades of not beating many games, only focusing on the experience of the play, truncated though my plays may have been.  Over the past 8 months I’ve collectively beaten (with the help of my brother Steven in some games) nearly 20 video games ranging from Castlevania on the NES to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the PS4.

Gaming is in my blood.  At a young age our parents instituted game nights that included such classics as Hotels, Fireball Island, and the rather difficult to find Frontier 6.  Once the Nintendo hit the scene our focus shifted a bit and family game nights became more about unlocking the mysteries of The Legend of Zelda and Solomon’s Key.  Though we may have moved away from board gaming a bit, we always returned to the cardboard from time to time.

I can also brag that I attended the 1990 Nintendo World Championships in Dallas.  I was within a thousand points of making it to the finals due to some epic Tetris play.  That event has been etched into my memory forever!

Later in life I found a job as a stunt man for Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament where I portrayed an 11th century knight, long hair and all.  I spent nearly a decade there falling off horses, sword fighting, and generally playing in a giant sandbox every night.  Eventually I retired from that life and after getting my degree, became a history teacher, a job I still hold to this day.  In between all of the gaming and podcasting, I write.  I try to put pen to paper whenever I have some free time whether it be a blog post or a full-fledged books series.

That’s about the long and short of who I am.  Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me.  And if you haven’t done so already, stop by the other guys’ info pages.


NOTE: All of the attached hyperlinks on this page will take you to something relevant about that game. For instance the Legend of Zelda will take you to a speedrun by Darkwing_Duck_sda from 2013.  Enjoy!


Mark and Mike at BGG.Con
Mark and Mike at BGG.Con






Gaming facts about Mark

Favorite retro video game:   Metroid

Favorite next gen game:   Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Favorite genre of video game:   RPG

Favorite RPG(s):   Final Fantasy IX & Earthbound

Favorite Console(s):   NES & Gamecube

Favorite board game:   Power Grid

Favorite board game designer: Friedemann Friese

Favorite old Roll & Move:   Hotels

Favorite board game mechanism:   I love dice!

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