Have a game you’d like us to review? 

Or have a topic of interest you’d like us to cover?

We’d love for fans to get involved.  Take a look at how to get involved below.

Ideas of topics for: I, Geek, Retrospective, & Star Wars Podcasts:

We brainstorm ideas all the time about topics we’d love to discuss.  Sometimes these ideas come from other online content we’ve had a chance to watch or listen to and sometimes we simply think up the idea all on our own.  However, sometimes the fans get involved sending us ideas they’d like to hear discussed.  Below are the four topics we are willing to cover if you have an idea in mind:

  1. I, Geek Podcast – a show about board gaming
  2. I, Geek Retrospective – a show about retro (and really all) video gaming
  3. I, Geek Star Wars – a show about Star Wars
  4. Whatever you have in mind

If you have a topic in mind and it interests us then we’ll do some research and put together a show.  This of course doesn’t mean that any old idea is up to snuff, but we’re always willing to listen.  And just to be clear, you’ll get all the credit for the show idea.  While we may borrow other show’s ideas, we always give credit where it’s due and the same will ring true here.

Board or Video game reviews

Have a game you want us to review?  We’d be happy to hear what you have in mind.

  • Cost for you:  Currently nothing other than shipping.
  • Postage and shipping:
    • Please send the game to our P.O. Box found at the bottom of every page on the site.  You can contact us here.  This way we know what’s on the way.
  • Our methods:
    • We will give the game a fair shake and an honest review usually by playing a good number of times and sleeping on it for a bit before passing judgement.  We currently run a written article called The 4-Headed Dragon Review.  These are reviews that include 1-4 of the I, Geek team reviewing a game.
    • We’ll also contact you with any questions regarding the game.  We want to make sure we’re getting everything right before putting pen to paper in a review and we like to help designers and publishers with rules clarifications where we can.
  • What to expect:
    • We will try to get the games played and reviewed within one month of when you sent it.  If we’re going to be a bit slower than that, we’ll get in contact with you and let you know.  This time frame is subject to change based on our availability and the number of submissions ahead of you.  All of this will be conveyed via email correspondence.
    • Keep in mind that we are all family men with careers.  We get together when and as often as we can.  We’ll get to your game, but sometimes life likes to slow us down.
  • What games we accept for review:  Pretty much anything
    • Euro’s, Ameritrash, Kid games, Strategy games, etc.
  • Things we’d prefer not to review:
    • Overly complex games.  Keep in mind, we have High Frontier and Roads and Boats in our collection so complexity is relative.
    • Highly offensive games (nudity, over cursing, etc.)
    • Enormous War games.  Games like Sekigahara and A Few Acres of Snow are fine.

Thanks for considering the team at I, Geek and we look forward to reviewing your games!

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